Christmas Balls…

Two years ago I saw this on Eddie Ross’s Blog and was intrigued…So much so, I knew that I wanted to try it someday. This year was the year… And this is what I came up with.
It started with some great Christmas colored Flannel Shirts from Value Village…
Freshly laundered…twice…then hung on the line…Did this in September when the weather was so warm and breezy…they were smelling so lovely when I took them off the line. I pressed them and put them aside and waited until I found the styrofoam balls I was looking for…
It took me a while to find them at a good price…Michaels had them but I was not willing to pay the price…because I wanted a lot of them…But then Len’s Mills came to the rescue (Once Again!!!)…

For a package of 8 small balls it was only 1.29…I could hardly believe it!!! So I got several packages of the small, medium and large styrofoam balls…Once I had the balls I cut the shirts down into strips. The smaller the balls the smaller the width of the material. The length was clearly determined by the circumference of the ball…
Some dressmakers pins and voila…I had everything I needed!!!
And now you can see what I did with them once I had them all wrapped with that lovely flannel!!!
This garland already had red berries, pinecones and different kinds of greenery…so the flannel balls just added to the garland.

But, once it was completed, I thought it could just use something…wasn’t sure what it was though…So I let it sit for a couple of days…And then it hit me…A little bit of ribbon would do the trick…I took 8 inch pieces of red satin ribbon, tied it in a knot in the center, and then tucked it under the balls on the garland. Once they were all place, I knew it was completed.
I was so happy with how it turned out!!!




  1. Those are gorgeous Judy!!! What a wonderful idea!! Thanks for sharing it!!! I wish you an amazing 2012!!!

  2. That is awesome Judy. I love how you thought to go to Value Village and use shirts and I really LOVE that you didn't purchase the styrofoam at Michael's…!

  3. So this is just about the best idea that I have seen this Christmas! I am so going to try this next year!!!Joanne xo

  4. There's going to be a run on flannel shirts next year…now where can I get a bannister??Brilliant idea!!

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