Weekend with Friends…Literally

A couple of weekends ago myself, Sheri and Janet headed out to Grand Bend to The Oakwood Inn for the Two Scrapbook Friends Weekend Retreat.  It was phenomenal. The three of us were so in the mood for a weekend away with each other. No committments other than scrapbooking, eating when they told us to go to the dining room, and going to bed whenever we wanted. It was so relaxing; just what the doctor ordered. I know that I had high expectations going into the weekend and I had every wish fulfilled. When we got there we found out that we had this fabulous table. It was cozy and had perfect lighting for scrapbooking.

 Janet and I took a walk on the beach later on Saturday afternoon. We both had forgotten to take proper shoes for a walk on the beach so went barfoot. It was a little cool but our feet got quickly used to the coolness. To be honest it was refreshing and restorative. It has been a long nine months getting over Breast Cancer and this weekend was just what I needed. I came home feeling rejuvenated!!!

 The weekend was not without it unexpected fun as well. We all got a chance to participate in some fun games. Each of us laughed at each other with good intentions. But it was so funny seeing what we all had to do.

 But alas, the weekend comes to an end much faster than we wanted. Looking forward to the Spring Retreat girls…Can’t hardly wait!!!
A Thank You to Carolyn and Joanne for a fantastic weekend…Sheri, Janet and I are very aware of how much work it takes to pull off a scrapbook weekend and it was done very well. Thanks again




  1. What a great post Judy! Love your photos! We are always so happy to hear that our friends had a great time at our retreat weekend! We love it at the Oakwood and we are glad that you did to. See you in the Spring!Joanne xo

  2. Hey Judy! It looks like you had a great time and I am so glad that Janet and Sherri could join you. Looking at your photos made me smile and reminded me why we do what we do. Scrapbooking has a way of bringing people together and making us appreciate the company of great friends. I know I had a great time with my friend :)Looking forward to the next one in the Spring.

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