Top of the Stairs Makeover…

I have been wanting to share the top of my stairs makeover to you for quite some time. I actually did it just at the beginning of summer but it got away from my. And then I re-created it for fall and what better night to share my fallscapes than on Halloween night.
I started out with some black, green and grey with little touches of  burgundy. It was nice but I was getting bored with it. I knew I also wanted something on the wall. A picture , a mirror or a grouping. Just wasn’t sure.

I tried the wreath; thinking it would be the perfect fit; Thought the whole look would be acheived with a wreath. But alas, the look was stale. I wanted something brighter. Then I decided to shop my house. I found this mirror that I had on the wall downstaris. It was then I decided it needed a little fix me up. A little paint job and it would fit perfectly with that little bureau upstairs. It was then that I made a few silly mistakes. Mistake number one: did not sand the wood…Always sand lightly to get that finish off the wood. There was a light layer of some type of varnish on it! Mistake number two: did not prime. Yeh, I didn’t prime it. I went straight for the gusto…right to the spray paint. And as you can see from the pictures below. The paint bubbled on the wood. It was nasty. But to be totally honest, it didn’t have to be perfect. Yes, in my head I wanted perfect, but I did with what I was given.

What ended up happening was a happy accident. Once it dried, and I gave it a second coat, it looked crackled. So I went with it. But for future reference to any DIYer’s out there;
 Sand it, Prime it, and then Paint it.
Anyway, after lessons learned and countless months before I took pictures..I am now going to show you my fall decorating all over the house including the upstairs reveal. ENJOY!!!

Now that Halloween is over and the kids have all their treats…It will soon be time to take it all down and decorate for Christmas…It is actually pretty exciting. I love getting ready for Christmas.




  1. Such gorgeous decor! You really have a great decorating touch!Joanne xobtw – love the mirror!!!

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