My trip to Newfoundland…Part 2

On the last evening of my week home in Newfoundland there was a little family get-together. As it should happen, while I was home, two cousins of mine were home visiting as well. My cousin Elizabeth from Chicago was home. I had not seen her in about 9 years. I had never met her kids and it was so enjoyable to spend time with them.
Mom and Dad

Aunt Shirley and Uncle Pat

This is my other cousin Jason and his wife Lynette. I was so happy to see them. I had never met Lynette and I could not remember the last time that I saw Jason. It was so wonderful to see him. I did not spend nearly as much time with them as I wanted but I made the most of what was given. Your kids are adorable Jason and Lynette.
Aunt Bride and myself
Dad and I
Aunt Shirley and I
Cousin Elizabeth and I…I swear if Elizabeth and I lived closer to each other we would spend a lot of time together…She is so much like me we could easily be sisters.
Thanks so much for the lovely day Aunt Bride. You hosted us all so well and it sure was glad to see you all again. Let’s hope it is not so long before we catch up again.



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