House Watch…

On my trip home to Newfoundland this summer, I got to see my parents’ new home. It is just like a little doll house. My Mom enjoys her home so much and it is visible by how lovely it is. It is in such a new sub-division; there is still much construction going on around them but that does not stop my mother and father from having a great home. As you can see, the grass has not grown in the front yard yet. Yes, my Dad seeds his own lawn. He has never been one to have sods laid…and his lawns have always been beautiful. While I was home he babied that lawn and treated it with kid gloves.

Loved that star mirror. It is so cute in the front hall. That little nook in the front hall was very simple when I got there. It had one small glass bowl on it. So I went to work one morning while Mom and Dad were outside gardening. It looked more substantial. Mom loved it when she saw it. The colors in all of those items melded real well with all the colors in her home.

Her living room was so comfortable and cozy. We would sit in there almost everyday for an hour some times and talk about old memories and it was such a wonderful memory from the week home.

Mom has a true country kitchen. So Comfortable! And of course my mother has everything in it’s place. Not one thing is out of place. The layout works real well for them. It was lots of fun cooking in this kitchen beacuse that typical kitchen triangle was perfect.

My Dad has the greatest set up outside. It runs together so smoothly. The “shed” as my Dad aptly calls it; is hardly a shed. It is big enough to be a small house…but it houses all of his tools and wood for fire burning. They heat their house in the winter with a new fangled fire burning furnace. Behind that shed is A LOT!!! of wood.

The shed has this nice concrete walkway into the back door of the home, That chair is where my dad takes a little break from his outside work. His perch is perfect to watch all the new construction that goes on opposite from their house. The walkway leds up to the backdoor, as I said, and to their patio and my Mom’s clothesline. I am a little envious of her clothesline. It is so long and is so nice!!

To my Mom (when she reads this); loved your house and totally understand why you want to be home in Newfoundland. It is where you are meant to be. I would love for you to live here but you are meant to be there. Thank you for your hospitality and the great visit with you both. Love your daughter….



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