Trip to Newfoundland…

This past summer, just after my radiation finished, I went home to see my Mom and Dad. I wasn’t sure when I booked it if I was ready to do something like this on my own. I knew that I would be by myself and at that point I was very fatigued and was worried that I was trying to do too much. But it turned out great. I was tired, but I paced myself and took my time. My Mom took very good care of me and I had lots of free time to heal and rest. There are a lot of pictures to follow but this blog is about more than my crafting and I wanted to document everything I do from now on. Enjoy!
 The Exploits Valley River

 My Mom and Dad at my Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Bob’s new house site.
 Mom, Dad and I at Gambo Newfoundland on our way to St. John’s for an overnight visit.

 You know I had ot find the only scrapbooking store in Newfoundland. The Paperie in St. John’s was a lovely store. Bought some treats for myself too! Notice my new Paperie Pink Bag…I do have to work on that bag addiction!!!
 When visiting St. John’s you have to get a picture of the iconic row houses. they are everywhere in downtown St. John’s and are more beautiful every year.
While Mom and Dad rested at the hotel, I took a walk down to George Street. While studying my nursing program in St. John’s, my girlfriends and I partied a great deal at this establishment called Trappers John’s. During my walk I had to drop in and take a look and while there I said I must have a beer. It was the first beer I’d had since getting sick. It was the most delishes beer I think I have ever had.

 Everytime I visit St. John’s, I have to visit the Harbourfront. It has changed so much over the years, but one thing stays the same and that is the fresh fish that come in each morning. There is this familiar smell, not a bad one, but just smells like “Newfoundland”. If that makes any sense. It was familiar, comforting and enjoyable even on a wet, cold morning.

 I also visited “The Basilica“. Most beautiful church in Newfoundland. have gone to many services here over the course of my life and have marvelled, still at this age, how they have built and maintained this structure. I did not get any pictures of the outside but the inside is most extraordinary.

 The ceiling…



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