Put your feet up…

That title actually means two things…Put your feet up, because this is a loooong…. post with lots of pics and I am showing you all what I did to an antique footstool so that I could Put My Feet Up while sitting at my scrapbook desk…
I wish I could be all savvy and such and tell you I took a picture of the before shot but I forgot. It was pretty nasty though. Really old smelly green velvet material with lots of holes in it. But once I stripped it…(OK, Jared stripped it because he loves to do things like that)…it looked like what you see below…
a rectangular piece of badly needing TLC piece of wood…
I decided to take the little round legs off because I could not for the life of me get the area in between the legs and the stool clean.
I realized once I had that there were 4 different screws in it. I knew than that it had had several makeovers in it’s life.
I also saw many holes where it had been re-done several times as well.
Once I gave it a good cleaning and made sure everything was stripped off the edges, I decided to give it a good sanding. I knew that I was going to be re-painting the stool; therefore I was not to fussy with filling the holes.
I did have to sand off many layers of old varnish so that my paint job would look somewhat clean and not all bumpy.
Sanded the feet really well also.
Then once it was sanded a couple of times, and free of all sanding dust..I painted with a thin coat of white primer. Now that first coat of primer makes it look really bad. But have faith…it gets better.
See what I mean…the primer did not make me feel very good but I knew there was a little gem in there waiting to come out.
Primed those little round legs as well.
This was after 4 coats of a Benjamin Moore Cloud White that I just love. It is on all my baseboards in my home and it is so crisp and clean. It took 4 coats to help make it look crisp but it still had some imperfections which showed it character and age. I was real happy with it.
I did go to Len’s Mill Store and got my bindings, material and foam to finish off my project. I stapled my bindings as I had found them so that it would support the foam.
A little close up of the staples holding the strapping.
My foam was a 14×14 inch square so I had to trim it down to 8×12 inches to fit my stool. Once I had that completed I proceeded to cut and place my fabric on my stool. I had picked out this great cream and black toile fabric that just fit the colors of my room so well.
Once it was all stapled down, taking great care to get my corners fitted properly, I placed a great black and cream plaid ribbon around the bottom circumference of the stool.

It fits so nicely under my feet in my desk area and it such a cute addition to my already comfortable craft room.




  1. Wow! Great job, Judy! It's very sweet!!

  2. Quite the project, but it came out great and looks really comfy!R/

  3. Thanks so much for visiting my blog Judy! I'm so glad I came over to your blog to see your footstool re-do. It turned out beautiful!! Love it!

  4. That's so great. I should commission you for my scrapbook room overhaul!!

  5. It is amazing! You have done this renovation in absolutely fantastic way!Thanks for visiting my blog ;)) Thanks for nice words!

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