Blogoversary Post….

What better than on today, my blogoversary, than to show you my finished Scrapbook Space!!!

Do you remember this mess and then I got all organized and accomplished this before my surgery in March? Well, since then I have made a few changes. After working with my room for the last 3-4 months, I found a few things that were not working for me. First off were my Copics…I wasn’t using them because they were in storage. When I had my surgery, my girls from work sent this wonderful gift of flowers and gift cards. The flowers came in this great steel tri-vase (is that a word?). Three steel vases that were welded togerther. So I knew I would find a place for that little treasure and sure enough my Copics fit just nicely in them.

 I moved my Clip It Up over to this great little IKEA table. Fits perfectly there and with it right across from my desk, I visually am motivated to use those products regularly. And dont you love that NewPicture. Found it in a great store in Kitchener called HOME N T T.More on that place for another post. But when I saw it I had to have it. Yes, I could have tried to make it myself but it was one of those instant gratification things…Had to have it. It works perfectly where it is and I look at it all the time.

In the above and next pictures you can see black shelves all over the place. They were originally white in my room but just whipped some black paint on them and way to go … Stamp storage. I love it…The stamps are out where I can see them and they are so easy to use when I just have to grab them.
You can also see how the above picture has changed. this shelf used to hold my Clip It Up with my printer and Silhouette. My laptop used to be on the main desk. It was not working. There was very little space left to create with my laptop in the way. So I moved it to where it is in the picture and it works just perfect now. Plus, I have much more space to create.
Then there is this little gem from IKEA, The wall over my
TV was very bare. I knew it needed something and I searched a long time before I found this little treasure and I could not be more pleased. It is the Fintorp collection at Ikea that did the trick. I am not sure if what is stored there now will stay, but it sure looks cute on that wall. Love it!

Well, there you have it…a few changes that have added up to me loving my room. I love coming down here to create. I feel so comfortable here and with everything so organized and pleasant to look at, it is easy to make projects. Only thing missing is a chair; a cozy plush, sit your ass down and read a book type of chair. That will come soon. Hope you enjoy!




  1. Lovely, and so tidy! Sounds like you've got it all working for you now.R/

  2. Wow! Gorgeous! I would be afraid to create something for fear of messing it up! Enjoy :)Joanne xo

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