Sketchabilities News…

I am so happy to share some happy news with all of you…I made the Sketchabilities Design Team!! There will be a group of 15 of us that will create a page twice a month based upon a sketch that Karan provides us. I have always liked her sketches and am looking forward to working with them. I have placed a list on the side of my blog so that you may visit the talented designers that will accompnay me on this 3 month journey. Thanks Karan for choosing me along with these talented ladies. A quick shout out to my fellow designers to say “Hello”.




  1. Congrats!! I'm also very excited to be on the new DT for Sketchabilities!! I'm not sure why but you seemed to missed my name on your blog list on the side!! this is my blog

  2. Hey Keren…Thanks so much for letting me know…It is there now…Conrats to you as well on the DT…

  3. Congratulations…I´m so happy to be with you in the same team!!!!I love your work at all!!Congrats for the Kaiser crafts too.I wish a wonderful week.Kisses and huges from BrazilCynthia

  4. Thank you Judy, you are also a close neighbour!! so it will be fun!!

  5. Hi Judy, the funny thing is that my name was originally misspelled on sketchabilities its actually KEREN TAMIR. She's corrected it since then. I guess probably everyone will misspell it if they posted before the correction. BTW I really, love your layouts and ideas!! I'm a follower now!!

  6. Congrats Judy!

  7. wohoo congrats ♥

  8. This is awesome news Judy! Congratulations!!

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