A great book and movie…

I have a great book to share with you…But first I have to start with an old book! Does anyone remember this book? I have to say that I did not read this first book of Scott Turow. I almost wish I had but it is OK. But I did see the movie. Apparently when this book cam out in 1987, it cam with lots of critical acclaim. So many people and critics loved it. It quickly came with a movie deal for the author and the movie I did see. I remember when this movie came out…such a great mystery and of course it was starring my favourite leading man. Love Harrison Ford!!!

It was such a wonderful mystery that revolved around Rusty Sabich and how he was a Prosecutor placed in charge of finding the person who murdered his mistress. Very convoluted movie…it was Fabulous!!! Watch the clip…Do you remember the movie???

And then I was in the mood to read another book because I enjoyed the last two that I mentioned here. It was a wonderful escape to a great mystery novel. Scott Turow was very reluctant to write a sequel to his initial novel. He states in a couple of online interviews that I read that stated he has thought it is an authors demise to write a sequel to such a popular novel. Well Mr. Turow, I am no critic, but you hit it dead on for me. I loved it and would recommend it to anyone. It is written such that you don’t even need to read the first novel. There is enough history provided in this one to give you what you need to understand the history of the characters. Just fabulous!!!



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