No we are not going on a PICNIC…we are not going ot eat hotdogs and throw a frisbee…we are going to PICNIK.  OK I have to give credit where credit is due. I have found this great photo editing website because of Thrifty Chick Decor.  I was happy, and amazed at how quick I could make my OK photos look that pretty with this website. I would love to have time to learn all the fancy ways to truly edit phtos. I would love to have time to take the many photo classes offered out there in photo land, but alas I don’t. So therefore I am going to use PICNIK. Just the sweetest deal I have found. One of those simple things that just makes ya smile…
Just go take a quick look, upload a photo and see how quick you can turn BLAH into WOW…Take a look…

 I just posted this picture a couple of days ago on my blog. I always thought that it could be so much more vibrant. That cardianl visits my bird feeder most days. Sure it might not be the same cardinal but I stickin with it. I swear he has the same black face.
Look at what I did with Picnik.Isn’t he much more vibrant and I played with the saturation and it looks much more warm. 
I also love how I can put pictures side by side showing my before and after with the subtle changes that I made with saturation and sharpness. The bird food looks even more colorful. I have just begun to play.
Make it a great day!!!



  1. I often use picnik on my photos too!It's a great tool!

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