Nice News…

I knew that I would be having many CT scans over the next years to keep on top of my lungs and make sure nothing was brewing. But I had so many scans in April; that I was surprised that Dr. Corbett wanted to do another prior to my radiation starting. I don’t know why it bothered me (actually, I did). I didn’t want to know if there was anything there! I did not think I could handle it!!!! But that moment was very brief and I realized that I did want to know. I had my scan on a Monday and while having the scan, I felt very confident. I just had a feeling that everything was OK. I know I had had that feeling before but this time felt different. I then went about my week, making life busy with cleaning, cooking, sports and lots of reading. On the following Tuesday, my family doctor’s office called to tell me that everything was OK! I can hardly explain it; but I broke into spontaneous tears of joy…You get the scan done, you put it out of your mind, you can’t worry about something you have no control over, you do the things of life and you live. But when that call comes, the enormity of the news completely envelopes you and there is uncontrolled, convulsive tears of joy. Thank you God, you who are Holy and special in my life, for the wonderful news and now we move on and continue to live doing the things of life and be happy in the special moment of knowing you are once again healthy…




  1. And so thrilled for you Judy! Good news is always fabulous to hear! xx

  2. That's awesome news!

  3. Yahoooo!!! It's so nice to read such good news!R/

  4. Judyi am so very thankful to hear this awesome news. Continued prayers of strength and healing for you.

  5. Wonderful news! So happy to hear that the scan went perfectly and I hope things continue to progress in such a positive direction.

  6. Wonderful news.

  7. Dear Judy!I am very happy that everything turned out ok with you. Thank God!May God grant you great health and strength!love,leah,Jerusalem

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