Good Vibrations…

I really must try to become more original with the titles of these posts but I digress….

So the Good News; but a little background first. My Radiation Oncologist told me that if this Cancer were to return, it would most likely return in my Lung because of the proximity of the tumour to my left lung so I would be having serial Chest CT Scans and Chest Xrays frequently until they thought I didn’t need to anymore (Who knows how long that will be and I forgot to ask…next appointment). Anyway I had them done about 1 1/2 weeks ago and got the results on Wednesday…We are in the clear…everything was negative…This is where we sing the song “Good Vibrations” by Marky Mark
And I’m here to prove to you
that we can party on the positive side
and pump positive vibes
so come along for the ride
I really do believe that I am on a roll here with Positive Vibrations…I feel good about things right now and for the future…And I have always loved that song from Marky Mark…Great anthem of dance music from the 90’s.
Something else that got me through the couple of weeks after my diagnosis was my friend Janet giving me these two books. I was ready to escape from my brain so reading was perfect and these two books did not disappoint. The prevailing feeling of hope in the two of them was just what I was in the mood for. Loved them and thanks Janet for knowing that I would enjoy them. I really suggest that you try to find them and read them.
“The Secret Daughter” was a retreat on a very sunny day here in Cambridge. I was having a bad morning…nothing seemed to want to work right…I was not sleeping well at all on those nights…usually up at 3-4 AM. At 630 in the morning, in total frustration, I made a coffee, headed out to the patio and started the book. The sun was high in the sky before I moved. I read the whole book that morning. It was glorious. I had never done that before. Just wasted a whole morning reading. But was it really wasted…Once I was done, I felt great!!! Happy, relaxed, hopeful, joyful, inspired and this greasy little grin on my face about how I had enjoyed such a guilty pleasure of reading the entire morning. It was wonderful!!! It was a moment where I knew that despite what I was going through, there are stories out there much worse than my own, much more turbulent than my own and more dramatic than my own. This gave me perspective on that day. It was no accident that I had read this book on that morning. The best thing about it all was I got a great sun kissed look that morning because the weather was beautiful. So good all around.  
I remember this book from a long time ago. “Where The Heart Is” was on Oprah Book Club selection in 1998. I remember thinking when she announced it I was not intrigued by the tag line…A girl gets abandoned in a Walmart and go on to create a life for herself…That is very simplified but that is how I remember it. Over the years, I have picked it up in many book stores and debated about buying it, but never did . When Janet gave me this one, it sat in my house for a long time before I picked it up. When I did pick it up it was another day of not feeling so good…The post op recovery was coming very slowly and that particular morning I was aching from head to toe…not sleeping great and cranky. Again I started to read shortly after the boys went off to school. Was I so happy that I did it. I couldn’t read the whole morning because I had appointments…but I read a good portion to the point where I could hardly put it down. And it is such a hopeful, inspiring read. I was so glad that I finally was reading another book. Thanks again Janet for such a wonderful diversion.
I have always loved to read and am so glad that I have the concentration back enough to settle with a good book. Last night I purchased two new books; Mystery books. I will share when they are done…which if history speaks for me, it won’t take too long.
Make it a wonderful Saturday…Hug someone you love and be nice to yourself…


  1. So glad the test came back so well! And thanks for sharing these books, I'll check them out.

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