On the Mend…

I can hardly believe it is April 5!!! The last 10 days have passed by in a bit of a blur and whirlwind of activity. My surgery went well on March 25 and I returned home on March 29. What a wonderful feeling it was to step outside and take that first breath of fresh air after 4 days in hospital. The staff at Hamilton General Hospital were absolutely fabulous…I could not have asked for better care. My physicians; Dr Avram, Dr. Hogdson, Dr Chung, Dr. Strumus, and Dr Olivierri were beyond fantastic. Many thanks and praise to each and everyone of you.
Well as of today, I am 10 days post op. And for all intents and purposes, I am doing great!!! Even if I do say so myself. The 10 days have not gone without its bumps though. there were some days when I felt like total crap and wondered what the hell I had done to myself, self-pity ensued and lots of crying. But those moments which were few were overcome with many moments of pure joy, knowing that the surgery was done, I was healing well and everyday there were major leaps in my physical condition. I still have a long way to go…I still have 2 abdominal drains, daily visits from the home care nurse for dressing changes and only half of the 85 or so staples in my abdomen are out. I move very slowly and am not allowed to do much at home…My darling Mom and Dad have come for several weeks to help me and my family…which has been a God send as my family would have no clean clothes or food to eat if it was dependent on me right now. My postop appointment with my surgeon; Dr Avram is April 20 and I hope he will then return me to some normal activities. I know I will not be allowed to lift , push or pull heavy items for up to 4 months but it certainly would be nice to be able to do a few things around the house. In time; In time!!!
But today was a great day. Went to visit my darling husband at his work today, got my nails done, got some seriously needed waxing completed and at present am sitting with my sweet hubby in Starbucks in Waterloo drinking a coffee, blogging while he does some work on his laptop and waiting for my son’s football practice to be completed. Life is good today…I feel normal! I think I will do little tomorrow but it felt good today.
I cannot go without saying thank you to the many cards, flowers, and gifts that have arrived over the last weeks. When I am feeling better, the Thank You’s will go out.
I am headed off to Scrapfest this weekend for a couple of hours on Saturday to spend some time with some old friends, some new friends and to do a little (okay maybe alot!!!) of shopping. Take care and I will be back within the next week for furthur updates.




  1. So glad to hear that you are back home and feeling "Not too bad". I have been thinking about you and Sylvia Verzosa was asking me about you last night. Keep up the positive thoughts and know that we are all sending positive thoughts out to you, as well.Love,Marsha

  2. Judy.. I think of you almost daily and Dora, Lisa and I were just talking about you again. Wondering how you were doing and how life sure throws you some serious curveballs… I'm so glad to read you are doing better – considering and on the mend. If there is ANYTHING at all you need.. please let me know. Perhaps you and I can share that starbucks in a few weeks when you are up for it.Love and thoughtsJess

  3. Wow! I'd have to say it sounds like you are doing AMAZINGLY well! I'm so glad that things are going so well. Of course there will be rough patches, but you'll get through them. Listen to your body and do what it tells you.(As in I've had enough for today!) Have a great time this weekend!!R/

  4. Judy…you are an inspiration in healing! It is your aura of love and kindness that will carry you through this. Congratulations for embracing life! Did I ever tell you how much I admire you? Long before all of this…you have always been a person that I have looked up to! Love ya Judy! Well…you also married one of my favorite people!

  5. I love hearing the happiness in this post Judy! Especially considering everything you are going through. Thinking of you often. Rest, recoup and continue to feel the love from your family and friends… 🙂

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