A successful day!

Hubbie Richard here, posting on behalf of ” the Diva”:

Well, that was a long day! I left the hospital at about 10:00. The surgery was successful! Almost exactly eight hours under the knife and from all returns, all is good. Judy was very happy to have come through and just having woken up. The past six weeks have been a crazy roller coaster of emotions and heady, quick decisions.

The staff have been great, under trying circumstances. The Hospital is under renovations so things are really tight. I will be going down again shortly, with the boys coming later with Nannie and Poppy.

Having just spoken with her, she had a bit a rough night trying to balanace off the pain meds.  whatever cocktail she was on was makeing her woozy and lowered her b/p.  It appears that all is better now.  Judy has also been given a green light to regular diet, which is anither great sign.

The only thing left is  get her verticle!  Thanks for all of your prayer and concerns.  I will update this when I can.

She will likely be in Hospital into Wednesday.   The Blackberry is up and running and will be the best way to contact her.



  1. Thinking of you Judy!!!

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