New and Improved Scrapbook Room…

It is Done! And I am so pleased with how it all came together. Remember the mess in this post. I remember the chaos of never being able to find something when I knew I had it, always moving something to try to create something new and although I thought my room was organized; it wasn’t. It certainly is now!!! And it feels so good. I know where everything is. I know everything I own (I certainly do not need to purchase any new product for quite some time; even though I know I will).
It started with purchasing the larger of the cabinets and I then decided that now was the time to create a space that would be inviting and warm. East to create in and comfortable. Now there are some things that are not done, but I wanted to show you where we stand right now.
I went from yellow walls to this wonderful grey taupe. I just love it. Once it was on one wall it felt mature and opposed to the juvenile yellow. It is so warm in the room now. Once I had the color on the walls I knew that I was not willing to change the drape on the cutting table; so I decided then that red, black and white would prefectly match the walls. And oh boy, does it work or what!!

Behind that drape is the water softener, furnace and other stuff. I will eventually place a door there but for now the curtain looks great. Love the puddling of it on the floor. Gives it a softer look. The bureau was a great buy at IKEA. It was a floor model with a little damage on one of the back legs. So I only had to pay 127.00 dollars for it. Very happy!!
This is the larger cabinet that I purchased from IKEA that started this whole reno. I was so pleased with how it organized my stuff that it motivated me to begin the entire reno.

Lovin where my Clip It Up sits now. So easily accesible. I swear that it was only half filled when I started my organization and now there are hardly any spots left on it.

So this is on the opposite side of the larger cabinet. It just feels so good to sit at this desk. Everything has a place!!

 Just wanted to show you some images of what is on top and in some of the cabinets.

My basket of stamps will soon have a wonderful new home but that will be in a furthur post. Did not have time to get that part of the reno completed for this post.



  1. It looks great!

  2. mindysmith says:

    Okay… so when are you coming to redo my room?I like the cube organizer shelf thingy. I was thinking of one of those for myself.Very nice, Judy!

  3. Wow! It looks awesome, Judy!!

  4. Wonderful scrap space Judy!

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