The Date…

Well, the date has been set…March 25!! I have yet to meet with my Plastic Surgeon but I”m sure I will get a call about that very soon. Needless to say this date is welcome but also brings about some fear. I am facing a large surgery with a long recovery. But I also look at what the alternative could be and I take this date with gratitude. I have completed my CT scan of my abdomen, pelvis and lungs and today I completed my Bone Scan. I do hope that the results of these come in earlier than later. It would be nice to go into my surgery knowing this news. I am sure if something shows up, I will be getting a call. Anyway, as soon as I get some news I will let you all know.

Just wanted to send some thanks out there. This past weekend, my brother Terry and sister-in-law Brenda came to visit. Thank you for the wonderful plant. It brings a smile to my face each morning that I wake up to it. We had a lovely meal and great conversation and laughs. Thanks to you both for coming. You both offered me some welcome diversion and great encouragement. It is not forgotten.

Also wanted to thank my other brother Bill. He invited me into Toronto for lunch and yesterday I went into Toronto and joined him. My hubby had to be in Toronto so we both drove in together and I walked from The Ex over to Adelaide and York in downtown. It was a long walk but the sun was shining brightly, it was crisp and it felt glorious. I took it as a gift because with my recovery coming up, a long walk like that might not be possible for a little bit. Thanks for the great lunch Bill. We went to a steak house downtown and shared a fabulous bottle red wine with a beautiful meal. Had a wonderful conversation and laughed a lot. It is so nice to get together when there are no children around. The conversation has a different feel and it was so nice.

There have been many phone calls from family as well. Today my Aunt Bride called. She survived Breast Cancer more than 15 years ago. It was so nice to talk to here because she went through breast reconstruction and talking to her offered me some solice. My Aunt Shirley and Uncle Pat called this past weekend when I was not having a very good day. Their conversation made me feel better. It felt great to speak with them and can’t thank them enough for the frankness of out talk.

My cousin Mike called on Saturday night. Have not spoken to him in many years. It was like we had just spoken yesterday. It that a wonderful feeling when you speak to someone you have not spoken to in years knows you so well and the conversastion flows so easily. Thanks Mike; I appreciate everything that you said…We will talk again soon. Don’t work too hard!

To my Mom and Dad…There are no words! You have provided me with a safe place to go where I can speak everything in my mind without having to worry about how it will affect something else. God gave me the best parents!!!

To all my friends at work…You all know who you are. Thanks for the phone calls, emails, BBM’s, cards, and flowers. You go to work everyday and don’t think much of how much of an impact these people have in your life; than something like this happens and you realize how much these people mean to you. Thanks to all of you.

Also want to thank Richard’s brother Harry and sister-in-law Jill. They have called a couple of times and their words of support are very meaningful and helpful. I really appreciate it a lot. I am thinking a lot about Allie’s wedding in August and think I will be very well by then and look forward to a great wedding and party!!!

With all the thanks going out there; it would be remiss if I did not thank my “Three Boys”.
My husband Richard is amazing. I have married the most wonderful man out there. He lifts me up when I am down and reassures me in my darkest moments. He laughs with me when I get that dark humour going and is gentle and kind when new things arise. Thank you so much Richard!!! And to my sons; Simon and Jared. They have turned into my bravest rooting section. They constantly ask if I am OK and offer me lots of love in different ways. Simon brings me my tea each night; most nights without me even asking for it. Jared is my intuitive child; able to look at me and practically know what I am thinking at that moment. They are strong young men that I am very proud to call mine. Thanks guys!!!

And last but not least…My Girls…Sheri and Janet!!! What can I say. They keep me grounded and very real…When I am down they don’t let me stay there for very long. Sheri’s sick sense of humor makes me giggle and Janets and her “Janetisms” make me laugh so hard sometimes. Where would I be without my posse! thanks so much for being in my life girls!

Sorry for the long post but had put these thanks off for a while…It was time!!!
Make it a great day and remember to thank those special people in your life today.




  1. So glad you have your date, Judy! And good job getting through all the scans and tests! I'm thinking about you every day and sending tons of positive energy, thoughts and love to you!xoxo

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