No News Yet…

Just wanted to check in and let you all know that there has been no news yet from Hamilton. I did get a call today from Christine (Dr Hogdsons’ nurse) saying that they have not forgotton about me but are trying to coordinate 2 surgeons for my surgery and that is what is a little tricky, but they are still working on it for me.
I did have my CT Scan of my Chest, Pelvis, and Abdomen today. It went well and very painless – great staff at Cambridge Memorial today. Thanks so much to them.
I will keep you all posted about my surgery date. A great thing to note is my Mom and Dad have graciously told me that as soon as my surgery date is confirmed, they are going to come for my post operative period. It is such wonderful news because having my parents here will not only good for my family but for my soul. It means so much because Richard will be able to return to work much sooner instead of staying home with me and my kids will be able to eat. My Mom is a great cook. And my Dad makes great desserts. My kids are so excited that they will be with us for an extended period of time. Thanks Mom and Dad!!!




  1. Great cook? Great desserts? Wellll…. Scrubbie and the wife will be sure to visit!heheheMWAH!

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