So pleased…

For many years now I have seen Mrs. Meyer’s products on a couple of the blogs that a frequent. Having a son that has a nasty allergy to dust mites I thought that the new year was a good time to try to “clean” up my house. I mean that I would like to start using more enviromentally friendly products and ones that might help alleviate some of my sons nasal reactions to these strong cleaner smells. I hope it works. So I had seen on a couple of my favourite blogs that Mrs. Meyer’s products are enviromentally friendly and biodegradeble. This made me happy but I could not find them in Canada. Young House Love and Nester have on many occasions mentioned that they use and love this product. So I emailed the company and asked them where they sell in Canada. Before they even had a chance to email me back I found the gems at Vincenzo’s.
I was there this morning and just picking up my favourite Basil Pesto and Artichoke Camponata and on my way to the cash register to pick up a coffee; there they were. I could hardly believe my eyes. A huge display. I was only gonna get one item and try it out but then I decided to get exactly what I wanted because I wanted to laundry today. So glad I did; so far I am delighted. I will keep you posted about how they are.




  1. Stopping in to say happy new year!I hope 2011 is great!Xo,E&J

  2. Mmmmm! Lemon Verbena sounds like a lovely scent! awesome that you can find this product locally!Thanks SO much Judy, I just saw your sweet comment at the Bo Bunny Blog about the new collection, you kind and thoughtful words just meant so much to me! ~Gabi xx

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