Now that my Living Room and Kitchen are almost completed (I promise, Pictures are coming after Christmas) I am thinking Bathrooms. My bathroom upstairs is a little dated. It has a dark green tile with a green laminate countertop. It doesn’t look bad, but now that my main floor is so pretty, new and clean, the bathroom looks a little too shabby for me. It is not a big bathroom and there is not a lot I can move around but is just needs a goodoverhaul.
Below are pictures from a favourite designer of mine, Sarah Richardson. Her clean, contemporary design is so beautiful. I can never get enough of her esthetic. So pleasing to the eye. I have always said that if I ever got a lot of money; she is one lady I would be hiring to do my entire home. But alas, for now I look at her fantastic work and drool a little. What do you think of these bathrooms. What would you use in your own bathroom?



  1. Great taste! Sarah Richardson is my favourite too! Did you see her farmhouse – OMGosh! My favourite in your selection is the second last picture … although I would take any one of them in a minute!

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