Road Trip…

Today was so much fun. Janet and I checked out this new scrapbooking store in Mississauga this morning. Irena and her staff at Scrapbook Queens were wonderfully kind. They were very excited about the store opening today and they should be proud. It was lovely. There is so much CROP space. And great comfortable chairs too!!! Can hardly wait to crop there. Anyway, just take a look at the pics…there are a lot of them! And thanks Janet for a fabulous day; it was a lovely lunch and the Margarita was just lovely and cold!!!

Irena and her husband
The Store Motto…

Lots of New Product…

Lots of Prima Product…Yummo!!!

Lots of Bling…

Fabulous Canvas Albums by Prima!!!

Thanks Janet for a fun day!!!



  1. Lovely photos, Judy. I wish I had a shop close by with such wonderful stash to buy! And space for crops too? – you lucky people!

  2. Oooh…it looks like a huge store!!

  3. Wow! What a great store! Glad you had a perfect day :)E+J

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