More Of New York…


As I look back and play with some of my pictures, I remain in awe of how wonderful New York City is. It is vibrant, full of life and very welcoming to tourists. I really do have to mention the New York City Police. They were so NICE!!! Any time we needed directions or a great place to eat, they were always there with a smile and a fantastic New York/New Jersey accent. Just fabulous guys(because we did not meet any female police officers on our visit) that were very helpful. The other thing I have to mention is how safe we felt. I had some preconcieved idea before arriving that I might not feel safe, but that is so far from the truth. So many people around…it was hard to tell who were tourists and who were New Yorkers. I was also amazed at how clean this city is. Yeah sure, if you look close enough you will find a place or two that should be a little cleaned up, but for the most part we visited places that were very clean and had been kept very well. Just proved to me once more that you should not form an opinion until you actually see a place. Anyway, on to the many pictures below. After we left the Empire State Building we walked to the Museum of Modern Art or MoMA as the New Yorkers call it. We saw the Matisse exhibit they have on display and we really enjoyed it. The kids were amazed at his art. I had told them that this was not Wonderland but a chance to view some real art and form an opinion about what they liked and didn’t like. I was shocked at how well they took it all in. They definitely liked some of his work and also said when they disliked something. From there we moved on to some really modern art and there was a general concensus among the four of us that we did not get a lot of the really modern art.

Andy Warhol’s Famous Soup Cans

We also visited Times Square!!! What an experience. Such a display of commercialism at it’s best. But talk about Modern Art…Every company displayed it best work of art!!! It was colorful, bright, stimulating…what can I say. The kids were in awe of it all. Everytime you looked up there was something new to look at and amaze you. We actually went for dinner at the Olive Garden smack dab in the middle of Time Square. Had a great waiter and a great meal!!! When we left the restaurant, it was dark outside and Time Square at night is even more fabulous!!! The colors are brighter and it feels like daylight because there is so much light. Great evening!!! The streets are closed off and so only my boys would start throwing the football in the middle of Time Square. Don’t you know that a couple of guys joined in as well. Such a hoot!!!

Kids getting their picture taken with Sponge Bob Square Pants

Jared and Simon getting their sketches completed by a street artist

Time Square At Night

Playing football in the middle of Time Square

This screen takes a picture of you standing in Time Square…I don’t know if you can see us but we are in the lower right corner by the bottom edge of the “2” I am taking a picture and Richard is giving me a kiss. Simon and Jared are standing right next to us. Hard to see I am sure but a great memory for us.




  1. Sounds like a great trip Judy!So glad you enjoyed it with your family!

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