Where do we find inspiration? Sometimes it is difficult to be inspired. You look forever for that elusive “THING” that will inspire your particular project. Some people start with a paint color, others with a piece of material, and then again others start with a piece of furniture that they have to have.
I knew for a long time that I wanted and needed to redo my living room and kitchen. And I knew that I had to find that one thing that helped launch my project. I searched for several months and then one day I found this. These prints I found at The Nester blog in February of 2009. She was promoting L Herbert Designs on her own blog and you could purchase the originals prints. from Laryssa.

But I was also inspired by the clean, uncluttered approach that The Nester uses in her own home. Visit her blog but get a cup of coffee and sit yourself down because once you start clicking you will be a while. I know that the first time I looked at her blog I was there a while as well.
Enjoy, Judy


  1. So nice to meet you Judy, I'm so glad you reminded me of the feather and egg prints! When I painted my office last month I packed them up and forgot to get them back out!Now, if only my house looked as clean now as it did in those photos.

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