The Re-Organization Continues…

While planning (or falling into) this renovation we decided to save some money and be a little eco friendly and save our existing cupboards because they were not in bad shape at all. The only thing was, they needed a little cleaning. Or so I thought!!! It led into much more than a cleaning but it was so worth it in the end. We took all the cupboard doors off. We took all the shelves out. We washed everything down. We gave everything two fresh coats of melamine paint. And then we reorganized it all. It was a great way to purge all of our cupboards and get rid of things we no longer used and put the things we did use in better places. We are so happy with the end result. The kids even commented on how organized everything is. So nice for them to notice all our hard work.

Richard even put some new shelving under the sink. At first it was just a cavernous cupboard but now it is useful and organized. My favourite part are the two vertical slots to the left in the picture so that we can place our cookie sheets, Silpat liners, cooling racks, and our roasting pan.

Stay Tuned…


  1. Wow, you're welcome to come to my kitchen anytime you like! My studio, my office, my bathroom~~ LOL you get the idea! Looking pretty darn good there!R/

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