Jared was disgusted with the “grossness” that was under the lip of the old sink. This picture gives you a good idea of the kind of backsplash we had. A 6×6″ white tile. Richard is starting to unscrew the old countertop in preparation for the new countertop that was being installed the next morning.
This picture demonstrates how much of the drywall came off when removing the backsplash. It was ugly!!! I was very naive in the beginning of this process because it was my hope to remove the tiles in one piece and give them to someone who could use them in another project perhaps. Boy was I wrong!!! For about one week all of our pots and pans, cereals, and drygoods were on the floor and couches in the living room while they installed the counter.

Some of my close friends already know that we are in the middle of a kitchen/living room makeover. And boy does it take a long time to get it all done. And there is a lot of mess with every step as well. But I should back up a little.
A few short months ago, myself and my hubby decided that we needed a new countertop and faucet for our kitchen. We looked, researched, and felt almost every counter surface there possibly is out there and came to the conclusion that we liked a mix between granite and corian which is called Silestone. It is actually an engineered surface from quartz. It has the feel of granite but the durability of corian. It never needs to be treated and just shines with soap and water. Great product with low maintainance. And what is even better, it is so non-porous it is considered to be one of the safest conutertops because it has anti-bacterial properties. My kind of deal. So we went ahead and ordered a new sink, faucet and countertop. It was going to be several weeks for the company to come size for the new counter and that was okay because we were going to do all the demolition ourselves to save a few dollars. NO PROBLEM, RIGHT!!!
Well, those few short weeks got my mind churning about how nice the new counter and faucet would look, but then how bad it would make everything else look. Right???
Well since then a whole lotta things been happenin’!!!
Over the next couple of months I will share this process with you, but tonight I will share where we started. The pictures above are the beginings of demolition. You see, when we decided to do this we knew we had to have a new backsplash to go with the counter. Also, our decision was made easy when the counter installers said that if there was a backsplash it had to come off in order for the new counter to be installed properly.
As you can tell by looking, the backsplash was a 6×6″ white tile. Once we started to rip them off it took all the drywall with it. Quite the messy little job. I quickly came to the conclusion that this job was going to bigger than I had initially thought.
Stay Tuned…

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