What have I been up to lately….

There has been so much that I have been up lately; but I will start with my most recent trip to Value Village. With a little help here, I found a great way to create some inexpensive cake plates that are unique and if you try it no onw will have one just alike. I have loved making them. but to get back to the treasures that I found. So, I found a sterling silver tray, 2 glass candle stick holders, a glass pedestal dish and an 8″ glass plate. I will eventually show you what I did with all of this but today I will show you my small cake plate project. I headed to my trusty big box store for some all purpose household GOOP. I etched the surface of my short candle stick holder and put an edge of GOOP on the top of said holder and adhered the candle stick holder to the center of the underside of the glass plate. Using a very technical heavy weight (Can of Tomatoes-HAHA); I placed the can on top of the plate and let it set for 24 hours. Viola!!! When you are done, you have a fabulous tiny cake plate; perfect for that afternoon tea with friends and a perfect set of muffins.
Enjoy!! Oh and by the way; all those little trinkets at Value Village only cost me $12.00. What a steal!!!


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