Second Star to the Right…

On Saturday I went to a crop to help raise money for Ethan so that he could get a service dog. I won a gift basket from this cute store in Cambridge called Second Star to the Right. So today I went there to take a peek. The owner, Kim, was actually there today when I visited and we chatted a little about Ethan and also about her store. It is a wonderful place to visit and shop. She gracefully allowed me to take some pictures during my visit and I would encourage those who live in the area to take a peek at ther palce. I am sure you will love it!!!
Also on Wednesday, she has a promotion going with 91.5 The Beat in Kitchener where you can buy a $50 gift certificate for $25. You can learn more about here.
Thanks Kim for a lovely visit to your store and I will definitely enjoy the ift basket of goodies that I won. If you want to visit it is located qt 226 King Street E in Preston and her phone number is 519-653-2456.



  1. What a great little shop Joodster!!! Me thinks me should pay a visit!thanks

  2. mindysmith says:

    Hmm.. this is just around the corner from where I work.. I'm going to check it out!

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