Well Wishes…

It has been a great year so far…Only two days old yet!! Yes I hope that I have a great new year filled with laughter and love. As I sit here I am not sure if I have solved the ongoing problem that I have at the beginning of each year. It has everything to do with the fact that I always want to have more time for myself to to “artful” things as my friend Karen puts it. Or I always struggle with trying to get more done this year than I got done last year. I digress, I must find a balance between both. But one thing is for sure, I want to be happy and healthy to accomplish whatever it is that I come upon in 2010!! How about you…Do you make a resolution of some sort at the beginning of each year?

Also wanted to share a picture of our vacation this Christmas holiday. We took to the ski hills at Horseshoe Resort near Orillia, Ontario for a week. The whole family had a wonderful time. I skiied for the first time; not without injury I might add. Nothing to serious but we all came home with achy muscles and a few bruises. On my last run I also pulled a muscle in my right knee. It is getting better but I would have preferred to not have come home with it. The weather was fabulous, the food was phenomenal and the resort was so much fun. Lots to do and we got everything done that we planned. We actually went shopping in Barrie for a day and got some extreme Boxing week sales. It was wonderful week. A great way to end 2009 and start 2010.
I also did not have time to share pictures of my Christmas decorating this year on my blog. So as I get a little organized over the next day I will post some pictures for you.

Have a wonderful 2010 and make it a great day.



  1. You're quite the ski bunny my dear! Bravo, to you for strapping on the skiis! You go girl!

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