Pics that I forgot about…

I have been trying to get all my pictures in order over the last couple of days and found these gems in a folder that I had completely forgot about. I am so delighted to find them. I remember this day so well. It was Mother’s Day of 2008 and we all went out for coffee and hot chocolate on a very cool afternoon. It was not a sunny afternoon but the light was perfect for pictures. Love them all and definitely love my family even more. Thanks for the memories guys!



  1. Joodster! Scrubbie here! Read you blog! Love your blog! Talked about your blog on my blog! Awards time darlin'! Go see!

  2. Hi Judy! Was just looking into all the links to my blog and found yours! Pleased to meet you! You have some beautiful work on your blog…especially love the Christmas tree made out of buttons! I just did a TV segment where I did a simple snowman out of buttons… wish I would have thought of the tree too! And don't you just LOVE finding old photos that warm your heart! That's what it's all about 🙂 Blessings,Allison Orthner

  3. These are wonderful photos Judy! What a handsome family!

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