Blog Hop – Day Three

Today begins for me feeling quite under the weather. I do hope it passes quickly as there are not enough hours in the days to be sick. That is why it was so uplifting to see this cute crafty project by Karen today. Day Three of our Blog Hop comes with this great idea over at Go Scrapping. It is all about the Teacher Gift and what to give during this festive time of year to that favourite Teacher in your kids life.
I will reveal my own version of a gift on the Friday Hop but I thought I would share with you today some fabulous ideas that may help you decide what you can give to your child’s‘ teacher this year.
You could consider giving a disposable camera and a coupon for development to take pictures of kids in the classroom as a creative and sure to be used Christmas Gift.
Another great idea would be to make up a movie night package by getting a unopened popcorn tub and fill it with snack items, drink, and free movie rental from your area video store.
In the past I have purchased a book for the school library and dedicated it to the classroom and teacher as a unique and sure to be appreciated gift. If you have access to ask another teacher, find out if your child’s teacher has a favourite charity.
Make a donation to that charity in the name of the teacher. They will be most appreciative of this and is a fabulous way to share the holiday spirit.
I hope these ideas help you decide what you will want to give to those gifted and caring teachers in your child’s life.

Stay tuned to In A Pinch Designs in the morning. We will have some things that will help you “Wrap Things Up” for the week.
And remember to email Karen at Go Scrapping ( to let her know that you will be participating in the Blog Hop and showing your samples on Friday. Your name will be entered into a random draw if you do.




  1. Your backpack turned out wonderfully! Hope you feel better soon!

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