Blog Hop – Day One

This week is going to be so exciting!!! I think you will all enjoy it as well. In A Pinch Designs, Simply Scrapping and Go Scrapping are having a Crafty Christmas Blog Hop.
Today was an opportunity for us to share a Christmas Tradition. If you leave a comment on our blog about your special Christmas Traditions, you could win a prize.
For my self there are many traditions that I can pull from. I think the one that is most special has to do more with when myself and my two younger brothers got older. It was very special to get all dressed up and head off to Midnight Mass with our parents. It would be exciting to see old friends, family and new friends in the church. The Mass was always filled with pomp and circumstance as we celebrated the birth of our Saviour. As we got even older and each of us went off to college, it was a fantastic feeling coming back home after a semester and going off to church together that evening. What was even more fun was the obligatory sharing of a Christmas drink after Mass. There were many a Christmas Eve when many of us did not get to bed until the wee hours of the morning. Many happy, joyous memories from those days. Makes me look forward to this and many more a Christmas Eve.

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