Proud Mom and Dad…

My 13 year old, Simon graduated lask week from Grade 8. I can hardly believe how fast time has gone. It feels as though just yesterday I was coddling him and feeding him and changing him and playing with him and the lsit goes on and on and on!!! But now he is a great young man with many hopes and dreams and some of them came to fuition on Graduation Night. He got an Athletic Award for Sports this year. he is so proud of himself and you can not teach that sort of feeeling to a child they can only feel it! He feels great. he also did fabulous on his report card this semester as well. he was struggling so much at Christmas time and his overall average increased by 15 marks with at total average of 80% at the end of the year. Way to go Simon!!! Your family is very proud of you!!!
Picture from the backyard before the ceremony…

Simon receiving his Athletic Award for Sports

After the Ceremony with his Diploma and Athletic Award


  1. Wow, how grown up he looks! Congratulations to him on his award!

  2. He looks so old!! Congrats Simon!!

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