I Hurt…

I have a terrible pain in my shoulder!!!! I have had it for a week now and I am getting a little bored with it already. Went to the doctor on Friday and they say I probably have acute tendonitis in my left shoulder. It hurts BAD!!!! Pain in my neck so that I can barely turn my head and pain down into the muscle in my left arm. It hurts to wash or brush my hair. Doc told me I shoud not lift anything greater than 5 pounds and not to have any repetitive motion of my neck!!! OUCH OUCH!!!!! So therefore I am away from work until the Doc clears me to go back to work. It truly is funny how when life slows you down on purpose you start to look at things a little differently. Some things don’t look as important any more.
Sheri and Janet went to the Go Scrapping Barrie event yesterday because I normally would have worked yesterday and it made me so sad when they came by my house yesterday morning to get the stuff, I felt horrible. I could not go with them, I could not go to work and I felt like I did not know what to do with myself. It was not a great day at all. Stayed in my PJ’s all day and lazed around. Because of doing nothing all day, I could not get to sleep at all last night. And when I did get to be a little comfortable, my neck went into spasm. Not a great day or night.
BUT, on another note I am going to try to have a different view today. There is nothing wrong with my legs so, despite the rainy day I am going to go for a long walk today and try to get the fuzzies out of my head.
Wish me luck!!!



  1. feel better judy? how are the fuzzies?

  2. Hey, are you feeling better? I’ve tagged you, check my blog!

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