So Proud…

Words can hardly describe how proud I am of my Dad!!! At the bright young age of 73, he has started skiing for the first time in his life. Never before has he donned a pair of skis!!! But my brother Terry and Sister-In-Law, Brenda got him out to try and he loves it so much. Today he actually starts lessons with the head instructor of the ski school and he could not be more excited than a 5 year old on Christmas morning!!! Kudos to you Dad!!
Now one might ask where my Mom might be. How come she is not skiing as well. I mean she is younger than my Dad. I think she would look good in all the ski clothing!! And she really should be in this picture. Alas, my Mom has decided to be the “CHALET BUNNY” and official picture taker!!! Just put it this way. I am glad I have parents that still get out and do this kind of stuff. Isn’t it great!!!!



  1. That’s awesome, Judy!! And I like your Mom’s choice too!!

  2. Well, that is fantstic Judy! Way to go DAD! Hey if you do go to Mega Meet in MI be sure to let me know, so we can meet!

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