I Missed HIm…

The day has come…DH has arrived home. Thank God!!! He was at a buying conference in Tuscon, Arizona this past week. He left on Saturday last weekend and arrived home last night around 10 P.M. I have always beleived that I was (and I still believe) one of the strong independent women who could tackle the world (given the right circumstances; HAHAHA). Well I have learned many valuable lessons this past week.
1. When my husband is not around, part of me doesn’t work right. Call it what you will, my heart, my soul, my equilibrium is just off. I didn’t like it too much. I work so much better when he is close. I love him so much!!!
2. My kids are great kids. I think they were very intuitive and saw that I was hurting a little for Richard and they were so good this week. They helped around the house, they did the things that needed to be done. I got hugs and kisses without batting an eyelash!!!
3. I have great parents. I asked them to come and no questions asked they did. When I was at work they were at home watching the boys when they got home from school. My Mom is so good; she cooked, cleaned and kept my house managable. It was such a lovely feeling coming home to a clean home. I just can’t thank Dad enough for helping me with the garbage. I hate that job so much!!!
4. And last but certainly not least. I have great friends in Sheri and Darren. I hardly had the question out of my mouth for help on last Saturday when I had to go to a Scrapbooking retreat to sell my wares and also to watch the kids yesterday after school, and Darren said “NO Problem”. Thanks guys. I trust and appreciate you both so much!!!
5. What comes out of all of this is the fact that I have been blessed in my life. I know this probably sounds corny but I am so thankful for all of the above and more!!!




  1. Awwww – no problem Joodster! Ya’ll know how we feel about you, ear suckler and sporty boys. Just keep the tea and chocolate chip cookies comin! Luvvin’ all the B’s. Cheers!

  2. What a touching post Judy! SO glad you are surrounded by so many fabulous people in your life! xx

  3. it isn’t corny at all! 🙂

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