Almost did it…

What do most scrapbookers need to scrapbook???? Pictures, correct??? And what does one need to take Pictures??? A Camera, correct??? Well this scrapbooker almost did it this weekend. I was at the Nottawasaga Inn for a Go Scrapping Weeeknd retreat and had a wonderful time. On my drive home on Sunday evening, I had one of those preverbial light bulb moments. I could not remember packing my CAMERA!!!! I certainly had a mini freak out. Now my camera is not one of those fancy-pancy high end cameras but it is mine and I really can’t afford to loose it right now. Anyway I get home call the hotel immediately and housekeeping found it when they were cleaning out the scraproom. I was so happy. And what was even better, Karen from Go Scrapping was staying at the hotel an extra night so she picked it up and brought it home for me. I am picking it up on Thursday and have decided that I will be very mindful and have it surgically attached. Because you see, this is not actually the first time I have misplaced it. Mind you, this is the first time that I have actually left it at a hotel but these little disappearances are getting a little more frequent.
AnywayI am so happy that I will have it again and will show you some pictures of the weekend when I get it back!!!
Make it a great day!!!




  1. So glad you tracked it down and it will soon be safe in your hands again!

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