He’s all Mine…

Last night I get off from a long and hard 12 hour shift, the gas tank is empty, so I fill up on the way home, I have not had food since 1:30 in the afternoon, so I stop and get food and eat it on the way home. My son is in a basketball tourney this weekend and our team (MY husband is the coach; he is such a great Dad) is responsible for the concession stand this weekend, so I decided since today is Valentine’s Day, wouldn’t it be a hoot to sell Chocolate covered Strawberries. So I stop at the grocery store, get chocolate and strawberries. Get home, quick shower, and off to make the little darlings (which are quite yummy with hot chocolate I might add). Anyway I crawl upstairs arouind 9:15 P.M., exhausted!!! My husband comes home from picking up our other son and pops upstairs just as I am about to crawl into bed (you have to picture me in my oldest most comfortable PJ’s, no makeup and hair in a bun) and hands the most beautiful dozen ROSES!!! I immediately started to cry. It was the perfect moment between husband and wife. Quiet, soft, and gentle. I love him. Sometimes he does the simpliest little gesture that sweeps me off my feet once again. I love you Richard!!!


  1. that is so romantic Judy…. what a man

  2. Ahhhhh, how nice!

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