Kreative Blogger…

Roseanne was so nice to give me a Kreative Blogger award. Thanks Roseanne!! It is so sweet of you. The blogging thing is still very new to me and I constantly strive to be “Kreativ” with my blogging so thanks again for the encouragement!!! The goal is to share some things about myself before I pass it one so here we go:

7 Things I Did Before:
I sewed a lot
I knit a lot
Worked all night shifts
I read a lot more years ago
Wore fancy shoes that looked good
Had less confidence in myself
Walked a lot

7 Things I Do Now:
Work very few night shifts
Have much more confidence in myself
Own a scrapbook business
Wear comfortable shoes
Run my kids to basketball, football, and taekwondo (And love every minute of it)
Spend quailty time with friends
Vsit with my family that lives a lot closer to me now

7 Things I want to do:
Go part time at work
Spend more time with my scrapbook company
Be able to go to every basketball, football, and taekwondo match
Take a computer course (HTML)
Travel more
Exercise more
Renovate my kitchen

7 people of Nominate for this award:




  1. I hope you achieve all the things on your to do list!

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