Helping Hands Award!!!

I received this great award from Roseanne. Thank you so much Roseanne for the nice nod. But if I must say that your blog provides me with much inspiration. I do love reading it and all your projects. Keep up the great work on such a creative and inspiring blog!!!

So here is how this all works…This award is meant to encourage and uplift others in the blogging world. Select 10 bloggers, 5 you consider your Helping Hand and then Pay it Forward to 5 additional new bloggers, in support and encouragement for their efforts.I have chosen to award this to these 5 bloggers who spurred me to continue by their kind comments and the wonderful job they do on their own blogs. The next 2 are new bloggers who do such a wonderful job on their blogs. Just love them!!

Darren: Scrubbie
Enjoy the blogs. Visit them and leave a comment – they would love it!!!


  1. I’ll be sure to check these blogs out!

  2. Thanks so much Judy!! xx

  3. Congrats to you!!!!M ^..^

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