The good news and the bad news…

For several weeks now I and my husband knew that our old computer was on its way out. We had it in for repairs about a year ago and they told us then that the old girl would not have much life left in her. We pushed it as far as we could and now the time has come. So today or tommorrow we are placing an order for a shiny new computer. A new tower for the existing computer and a laptop so that we may take it one the road for whenever we need to. With the business and all, I may have to take it to shows every now and then.
Right now I am using a friends computer and all the posts just made were from pictures that I had stored in the history of my blog, ready to post at a good time. But I did not get to it because our computer crashed. So until we get the new computer and things are all in order, you may not see me around much. Definitely won’t see any pictures on my blog…just the occasional post when I can get to my friends computer. So if I don’t see you until the New Year…Have a wonderful Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!



  1. Sorry to hear about the computer troubles Judy! A very happy holiday to you!!! All the best for 2009!

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