So Proud….

I just love the young man that my oldest son is turning into!!! I can put it no simpler than that(is that a word!!!). He still has lots of maturing to do but I continue to see glimmers of maturity and sparkles of manhood. Take for example this past week we attended his Football awards for Cambridge Football. He just loves this new sport. He has only been in it for a couple of years but has excelled in just a short time. But what I heard the coaches say about him and what I have seen myself over the past season is just wonderful. Now anyone who knows me, knows that I am not the type of mother who puts her kid on a pedestal and brags about him 24/7 – but today I have too. Simon, you make me so proud and I can hardly wait to see what the forthcoming years will bring for you. Stay on the track you are on and many great things will come your way. God bless you and keep you!!!
P.S. He got the “The Guy To Go To” award. This meaning that anytime they was a crunch time in the game, he was the guy to get the ball to to make things happen. It was so nice to see the hard work rewarded. He felt great after the ceremony. You just can’t teach kids that type of feeling!!
Congrats Simon…Love You!!!


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