Where is Waldo…

I have many requests about where I have been…Well a girl needs some time every now and then to get her S*** together!!! There just are not enough hours in the day to everything I would like to do. I just think I should blog everyday about all the wonderful things I do in the run of a day. Well I just can’t, and Me being so ANAL about these things, I get frustrated!! What the heck, I need to relax about a lot of stuff and just try to do what I can. I think that as I get older I have realized that I could easily be a SAHM, but in order for our family to do all the lovely things together and to have a few extras around the house, I need and want to work.
Anyway, what have I been up to the last month. The smaller answer would be what have I not done this last month. I all started with my Mom and Dad moving to Ontario from Newfoundland. A big move, but it all went very smoothly. They drove here and within one week that had bought a brand new house, my Dad and brothers flew to Newfoundland , rented a truck and drove an entire house contents to Ontario with very few problems. It is a lovely house in Bowmanville and they really like it. Very close to my brother and two of their grandchildren. So they are very happy and now are very settled into their new home.
Just thought I would share some pictures from where they came over for Thanksgiving Dinner



  1. gorgeous looking table judy!(wow – the boys are getting BIG!)

  2. it must be so nice tohave your parent closer, Bowmanville is such a nice area, we used to live in Courtice.Love your table too.

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