Cards, The Weekend and being Sick!!!!

This past weekend I was in Peterborough with my company In A Pinch Designs and had a very successful weekend selling our kits. I would just like to say a special thank you to all the ladies I met and your very kind comments. Many of the girls would actually do a kit then come show Sheri and I with their own pictures on the layout. This is very nice to see another persons vision about our kits and what how they interpret our layouts with their own pics. Would also like to thank those who took my classes…They were such a treat…Loved It!!! Thanks so much ladies. And a very special thank you to Karen of Go Scrapping. Such a great weekend Karen…You do a fabulous job on your crops!!!

The only thing bad about this is I returned home on Sunday and by the time I went to bed on Sunday night I had full blown nasal congestion…Yes, and it got worse!!! It seems the kids go back to school and are sick for a couple of weeks and then they bring it home to Mom and Dad. At least I think that is where I got it from. My husband was sick last week with it too!! Anyway, will just have to ride the tide and lots of medications later…hopefully I will be better soon.

Just wanted to share a couple of cards that I worked on this weekend. Did not get much scrapping done as our booth was very busy!!!

Click on the image for a larger image!!!



  1. sounds like a great weekend but too bad about ending it off sick in bed :(same story everywhere — back to school means ILLNESS!!!

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