Happy 13th…

My sweet child where has the time gone. I remember that absolutely beautiful baby the doctors and nurses placed in my arms 13 short years ago. I will never forget the indescribable feeling when you were in my arms. I did not know my heart could swell so much with love and joy. I will also never forget the look on your Dad’s face when he saw you. His eyes were filled with the biggest tears ever and his smile was so serene. Your face was just so beautiful and pink and soft and we loved touching it.
I had sewn so many things for you and I could hardly wait to see you in your new blankies. You were 9 lbs., 9 ounces when you came to us that special day and you looked like you were several weeks old already. Many of the babies in the nursery were so tiny compared to you. We were amazed at how strapping you looked. So healthy and content!!
Now here you are 13 years old and still healthy and content. You do well in school, you love sports and are a bit of an athlete, you love to read, you love to eat, you love family, and you have good friends. May your teen years be happy, fulfilling and hopeful.
Your Dad and I love you dearly and pray every day that we do our best by you!!


We celebrated just the family by going to Red Lobster. It was funny that you chose this restaurant because we had never eaten there before. It turned out that the food was quite lovely!! We all enjoyed our meal and those cheese biscuits were to die for!!!
Enjoy the pics!!

After we left Red Lobster, we had to go to Costco to get a few things and were amazed and surprised at the sunset that we saw when we left the building. I had to take a picture of how striking to sky looked. Enjoy and click on the picture if you would like to see it larger.



  1. Joodster! My oh my – what great pic-a-tures! And SIMON – Yikes!Here, bring Simon to the computer. I’ll wait……………………..Hey Simon – Happy Birthday Brother.Allow me to sing for you:Happy Birthday to YouHappy Birthday to YouHappy Birthday, dear Simonnnnn.Happy Birthday to Youuuuuuuuuuuuu.Big ‘ol wet sloppy kisses from the East Fam!Cheers!

  2. That sunset picture is beautiful Judy!!Happy 13th birthday to Simon! What an important birthday! And so begins his teen years!

  3. Officially a teenager!! WOW. And looking so much like your father!! Double wow! No disputing that one! 🙂 heheHappy Birthday SimonLooks like a GREAT day

  4. There is just so much love in your photoes.. I had to comment. What a lovely family. Marilyn

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