New Studio Space in Town…

I am sure some of you have already heard but there is going to be this great new studio space in Kitchener on October 1, 2008. Karen from Go Scrapping has been thinking about opening a scrapbook studio in her home for many months but found this lovely studio space and now her dream is a reality!! I was delighted to help her get the place a little organized. The following pictures are from a short visit when she first got her place about a week ago. Not much organizing going on; only painting by her fabulous landlord. Anyway, I will have more pictures coming soon. Karen, just want to let you know how happy I am for you. I know you have wanted to expand into a larger space other than your home and now you have this wonderful inspirational area that your business can call home!!! Good luck with all of your plans!!!

Her landlord painting a new coat for her opening!! The front windows are huge for lots of natural light while scrapbooking!!

The back hall that leads to Karens’ office and washroom!!!

Karen posing on top of all the boxes of goodies!! Setup was not far behind!!!



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