Football and more football…

It is Wild Wolverine Weekend!!!! My kids are so excited!!! I don’t know quite when it happened but we are now a “Football Family”. I never watched football as a kid; it wasn’t even a sport that was popular where I grew up. but my youngest son came home from school about 4 years ago and said he was really excited about playing football and that the tryouts would be a few short weeks from then. I have to say I was really apprehensive and thought that football was too rough for him. BOY, was I RIGHT and WRONG. It is pretty tough but they have great coaches that teach them the right way to play football and the wrong things to do. They also stress the points that if they do something wrong thaey will be disciplined and they could possibly hurt someone with their bad decision. I remain a little apprehensive before each game and say a l;ittle prayer to keep them safe but here we are 4 years later; my oldest son joined as well 2 years ago and now we are at a football field most night and most weekends from April to November. We love the game and what it has taught our boys, the kids are madly in love with the adrenaline rush before each game and I don’t think it will end any time soon.

Just thought I would share some pics from last nights game of my oldest son Simon!!! He is number 8. Click on the image to see it larger!!
As I write this post we are just about to leave for Jared’s game…Stay tuned!!!

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