Busy Little Girl…

I am sure some of you have been wondering where I have been this last week. I have been crazy busy and have lots to share with you today. This wonderful life is just getting to be very busy and sometimes I wonder how I expect to get it all done. I wish so many times that there were more hours in each day so that all my dreams come true. I want to get so much more done than what I am doing …Summer is done; the kids are back at school and I look forward to a busy fall scrapbook season with In A Pinch Designs. I keep telling myself that I am not “SUPERWOMAN” and that I am not expected to get everything done but I am my own worst enemy!!! I want to get it all done and NOW!!!

But alas, if you look at the following pictures you will see that I got a lot done this past week and I should not be so hard on myself.

Thanks for listening to my rant and I am officially off my soapbox…At least for today 🙂

So I am so disappointed that I did not get to post my card that I did for last weeks sketch on 2S4Y. It was a fabulous sketch and the cards that these ladies are doing are absolutely fabulous. They provide me with so much inspiration and there are some really talented crafters out there in blogger land. My “Ducky” (hubby) even looks at them with me, and he is not a crafter at all, and he marvels at how creative all the cards are!!!

Anyway here is my submission for last weeks card!!!

The sketch this week on 2S4Y is a wonderful sketch to work with. I just love this weekly motivator to get some cards completed. Kazan, Laura and the design team are very talented ladies and provide such wonderful inspiration for us crafters. This week I decided to use nothing but scraps in my scrap drawer. As you will see furthur in this post, I cleaned out my scrap room this week end and sort of remodelled it with help from my “Ducky”. So I had the opportunity and motivation to use some of my scraps!!!

I used some very old patterned paper, scallopped Bazzill card background, Gel A Tins stamp and embossed with powder from Gel A Tins as well. I inked everything and then added extra dimension by using pop-dots on my title. I also scibbled several lines on the edge of my card and my title. ENJOY!!!

SO, many of you may not know this but I started out as a seamstress. I did a lot of my own sewing. All the curtains in my house, most of my kids clothes (when they were smaller), both of my kids nursery sets and the list goes on. I really enjoyed it. So when we bought our house several years ago, I knew that I would need a sewing room. Well many years later, not much sewing gets done anymore. It is now the scrapbooking room. And it was in need of a makeover. Nothing dramatic but a fresh look and my Ducky and I took on that task this weekend!!

The following is a look at what we did!! The first picture is what the room looked like aproximately 3-4 years ago. The biggest change we made this weekend is the large square table with the blue fabric skirt in the back of the room was like an elephant in the room. It was very useful in regards to it’s height but just took up too much space. So we ripped it apart and my Ducky made me a new table but longer and much less wide. There is so much more storage underneath and I love the height. The biggest bonus is how much space it adds to my room. It feels so much nicer in there and I felt very creative this weekend after it was done. I made two new kits for In A Pinch Designs which was very exciting. Look forward to those releases at the end of September.

This is what the room looked like approximately 3-4 years ago.

Disaster area.

This is what the table looked like before we ripped it apart.

Now the table is much longer and much less wide!!! So much nicer to work with!!!

Anyway, sorry for the long post but I hope you enjoyed my pictures. I will post some new pictures when I have everything truly organized.



  1. Wow I would give my left paper cutter to have that room and Judy the card you did for this weeks sketch is gorgeous 🙂 Tell you hubby that you are one of the 100+ that provide us with inspiration too (and we love it)Thanks for playing this week:) Kazan

  2. gorgeous gorgeous card for the sketch Judy – love that flower and hey I would die for the space in your craft room – heavenly and know what you mean about hours in a day…I know that the more I have to do, the more I get done..but please can we have longer days and more days in a week pleaseLovekathxxxxx

  3. Beautiful card! And that craft room is to die for.

  4. Your cards are gorgeous Judy! And that room – it is fabulous!!!!Can’t wait to see what In A Pinch has in store!

  5. `Beautiful` cards…your craft room looks fabulous!!!~X~

  6. absolutely beautiful and your room is wow!!!

  7. Stunning.

  8. Bautiful card.Eveline.

  9. Love the cards first off, they are gorgeous! and that room is lovely! so crafty and i bet it’s a great haven for you! 🙂

  10. Love your scraproom, wish I had one. I’m always crafting at the dinner table.Both cards are lovely.

  11. beautiful cardsAllisonX

  12. Hey Judy!Love your cards! Can’t wait to scrap in your new digs!Big Hugs

  13. Hola Judy…beautiful card!!! and enjoy your room.

  14. Beautiful cards and what a great room.

  15. Gorgeous cards!!! And I love your sb room!!! I want one like that! Waaaaah!!!

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